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Upon to you, what’s the most astounding hotel in the Middle-East ?

Outrageous luxe with huge buildings topping the clouds are often indeed impressive but a bit overwhelming.  Sincerely it often really lacks of charm…Specially in the Middle-East. Swirl of tiny golden and silver dots of lights; multiple shiny colours, lasers LEDs everywhere, spangles of gold, silver and platinum, rare marbles are one thing many do like, as I do – sometimes- , but at the end of the day, is this really  what we look for when we are quite exhausted after a hard day work ?

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Do not hesitate to suggest me some ideas.
For those our Jury member team of journalist agree apon, I will personnally be very happy to offer a very special gift for this 2016 Villegiature Awards edition.

Happy weekend to you all !

Remy LE LIEPVRE  at 

Rémy Le Liepvre

Rémy Le Liepvre is founder of the Villegiature Awards created in 2003 and is Chief Editor of the "VillegMag" and the magazine "Villegiature Mag".

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